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Tuwaiq Sculpture Symposium

Tuwaiq Sculpture Symposium 2021

Operate and Activate

  • Location:
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Client:
  • Date:
    2019 – 2025

In 2019, TalentS was selected to establish and run an operating management office for the Tuwaiq International Sculpture Symposium . Our scope of work included managing the curation services, operations, production, community engagement and communication throughout the 5 week event.

We also developed a complete community engagement program including 15 expert panel talks, 34 school visits, 30 artistic workshops and an internship program for Princess Noura University art students to assist the sculptors in their final artwork production.

TalentS continues to run the operating management office for the upcoming Tuwaiq International Sculpture Symposium 2024.

Tuwaiq International Sculpture Symposium 2023 brought 20 international sculptors together to produce a series of permanent public works. Over 1,700 visitors attended, and the final sculptures were relocated throughout the Kingdom’s capital to enrich the lives of its residents and visitors.