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An Ambitious

Social impact – An Ambitious Nation

iSpark and iDiscover

Bringing interactive STEM learning to 50,000 students. 

These two Saudi Aramco initiatives engaged over 50,000 students across Saudi Arabia. The ambitious nature of this program was only matched by its geographical reach of 10 cities. 

TalentS created a series of hands-on, interactive programs that brought STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning to life.

*Led by TalentS, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Tatweer. A Saudi Aramco initiative


STEM-based program solely for girls reaching 4,500 students.

Designed solely for girls, this STEM-based, after-school program aimed to increase women’s participation in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. The initiative toured the kingdom, reaching over 4,500 young girls.

TalentS designed the challenging, hands-on curriculum for two academic semesters and operated it in 16 community clubs for girls across Saudi Arabia. 

*A Saudi Aramco Women Development and Diversity Division initiative, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

Misbar Science Camp

Providing 5 educational paths for 130 orphans.

The Misbar Science Camp primarily focuses on supporting and enriching our orphaned children in Saudi Arabia. The camp provided them with hands-on interactive programming that further developed and honed their knowledge and skills in the fields of science and technology.