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A Vibrant

Social impact – A vibrant society

Noor Riyadh

Over 60 artists, 2 Guinness World Records, over 200 volunteers with over 300,000 visitors in attendance.

The largest light festival in the MENA region that exhibits illuminative artworks in public venues across the nation’s capital. With a 2021 theme of “Under One Sky”, the inaugural festival displayed works by over 60 artists from over 20 countries, and broke 2 Guinness World Book records. Noor Riyadh showcases the power of inclusivity and shared humanity via the lens of public art. 

Over 300,000 people attended the festival over 17 days, with over 12,000 visiting the Light Upon Light: Light Art exhibition. The festival offered over 200 volunteers a chance to get involved and experience the behind-the-scenes of festival operations.

*A Riyadh Arts Project (Royal Commission of Riyadh)


An intensive program for 40 students with a platform that reached over 14,000 students.

This flagship iThra program created a platform for over 14,000 students to inspire a love for reading and share with each other the impact that books made on their inner lives. 

The iRead program developed by TalentS included workshops, lectures, and intensive training programs for 40 students that were spent rigorously over a 3-week period that span over 200 hours. 

* A project by King Abdulaziz for World Culture (iThra)

Saudi Film Days

9 Saudi Arabian film directors.

An iThra initiative that celebrated, empowered, mentored and trained 9 Saudi Arabian film directors. 

This initiative aimed to enhance the local film industry and share Saudi culture and storytelling with the world-at-large.  

TalentS provided mentorship, management and operations for the production journey of each film, resulting in 3 feature films and 5 short films. The films were developed with training and mentorship over the course of 5 workshops: 4 in KSA and 1 international workshop. 

* A project by King Abdulaziz for World Culture (iThra)