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Al Qassim Heritage Center

The Artisans House – Al Qassim Heritage Center

Training Ecosystems and Activation

  • Location:

    Qassim, Saudi Arabia

  • Client:


  • Date:

    2022 & 2023

Al Qassim Heritage Center: A Cultural Initiative by the Ministry of Culture

The Ministry of Culture established a Center in Al Qassim called “The Artisans House”  to preserve the intangible culture of the region with the help of Qassim’s skilled craftworkers. The Center’s programming encourages the local community to pass on their heritage through various workshops.

TalentS was commissioned by the Heritage Commission at MOC to activate and create a training ecosystem within the Center. Over a year, TalentS trained more than 60 novice Saudis in three specialized workshops, including woodwork, sebah, and embroidery.

Both internal and external events were organized by TalentS to promote the heritage center. The trainees produced over 1,900 artworks in different phases of the project, which were later sold commercially. These new skills not only provide fresh income opportunities but also help preserve the culture and traditions of the region.