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The Little Explorer

Introducing Archaeology to Children in KSA (The Little Explorer)

Operate and Activate

  • Location:

    Various sites across the Kingdom

  • Client:

    Ministry of Culture – Heritage Commission

  • Date:

    2022 – 2023

The Little Explorer Initiative: A Cultural Journey for Youth. The Ministry of Culture launched the Little Explorer initiative in March 2022, with the goal of providing young people with an understanding of their heritage and a sense of belonging. The initiative introduces them to various archaeological sites and discoveries across the Kingdom. The initiative consists of two primary tracks, with each track encompassing more than 13 archaeological sites across the Kingdom. 

TalentS was commissioned to design, build, operate and activate the indoor mobile exhibition and outdoor programming for this year long Initiative. 

The First Track: An 8-Month Program for 6 to 12-Year-Olds and Their Families

A mobile exhibit was created to move across the country visiting 10 cities, where it host a variety of educational and archaeological activities as part of this initiative.  Over 8,031 children attend this program across the Kingdom. These events give children the chance to participate in simulated excavations, document the antiquities they uncover and work towards their restoration. This offered  an exciting glimpse into the world of archaeology.

Initiative’s Second Track: Educational School Trips to Archaeological Sites

The second phase of the initiative consists of school trips in 6 cities at 13 different archaeological sites across the Kingdom. Over 430 students participated in this initiative from 12 schools across the Kingdom.  These trips are aimed at students between the ages of 13 and 17 years old and offer engaging preparatory activities during the bus journey to the site. An archaeologist is also present on-site to explain the historical significance of the site and to answer any questions the students.