FABLAB Dhahran

FABLAB Dhahran is a collaborative initiative between Saudi Aramco and the Deanship of Scientific Research in King Fahad University for Petroleum and Minerals.

The term “Fablab” is an abbreviation of “Fabrication Laboratory”. FABLAB Dhahran is a community-driven lab with a mission to catalyze a culture of making and knowledge sharing by providing digital fabrication tools and open-source platforms to support idea prototyping. FABLAB Dhahran is one of 250 Fab Labs around the world that aid participants in making almost anything.

FABLAB Dhahran is a space that holds tech-advanced workshop to design, fabricate and assemble small parts into a single intact and functional component that works effectively to perform a certain job. The lab contains multiple computer aided devices (CAD)to prepare preliminary designs for a project. With the support of facilitators throughout the design and fabrication phases, parts are joined together to create anything from an idea for a prototype, a personal project to a patent invention.

Fablab’s were initially motivated by the personal need to invent and by courses provided at top schools such as MIT’s ‘How to make (almost) everything’ course. Soon after the first Fablab opened, the whole world was hooked on the idea. This idea enables those interested run such small factories and develop reproducible items for their personal use and even for limited distribution. Indeed, such opportunities can produce young entrepreneurs who may represent as a pillar of the developed community.

فاب لاب
Client: Saudi Aramco.
Project Date: 2013-current.