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Saudi Aramco Gifted Programs

Saudi Aramco Gifted Programs

Design and Build, Operate and Activate, Training Ecosystems 

Location: Khobar, Saudi Arabia

A flagship program designed, created, and operated by TalentS for Saudi Aramco. TalentS role was      the overall management of the summer camp, design content for STEM programming, and training the instructors. 

TalentS was gifted with yet another Opportunity in 2018  to not only engage gifted students in an immersive learning experience but to also stress on the added value that it brings to informal learning experiences. 

The gifted students program brought in  200 students from cities across the Kingdom to a residential, educational camp where they were given extensive and hands-on training in engineering, English, life skills, and sports.

TalentS had operated the flagship program in 2008, 2009 and 2010.