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Tariq Abdul Hakim Museum

Tariq Abdul Hakim Museum

Cultural Consultancy 

Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

TalentS was tasked with preparing the museum development strategies for the Tariq Abdulhakim Museum and Research Center (TAH). A strategic benchmarking study was conducted and its findings with its recommendations will guide the rest of the project which aims to help identify the TAH Center’s unique value proposition. 

Set to open in 2022 the TAH Center is a Museum dedicated to the Saudi Arabian composer and musician, Tariq Abdulhakim. Architectural planning and work on the museum’s core components – Museum Narratives, Collections Curation, Research, and Scenography, is already underway, and our findings will guide the thinking around the exhibition design and its narrative in the years to come. TalentS was commissioned by the Ministry of Culture.