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Our story

Our story may have started small, but we believe it has the power to touch the world because our story has people at its heart. People are the foundations upon which we build everything we do, seeking to empower, inspire, and unlock potential. And it all started with one very important person.

Saeed, our CEO, was an electrical engineer who discovered in his spare time a unique talent for teaching. He could transform obscure ideas into dynamic lessons that lived large in the imaginations of the children he reached. His colleagues witnessed the growing confidence of these young minds and realizing the unique opportunity they had to transform education, TalentS was born. This belief in doing things differently, and enabling people to discover their creativity, continues to drive us into the future and across the world.

From interactive STEM learning, through connecting to heritage and building towards the future, we have made brand new careers possible, made people the owners of their own cultures, and brought the world of tomorrow one step closer to today. Throughout all of this, the ability to connect with and impact the people we encounter is fundamental, and that goes for everyone from employees to the public. Our success is measured by you.

We have since grown from humble beginnings to a company with international reach and ambitions to go further because we believe passionately in sharing what we have: the power to inspire. This is the aim of every project, workshop, program, or festival that TalentS create, and we welcome every challenge that helps build a better tomorrow.