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Islamic Arts Biennale

Islamic Arts Biennale

Operate and Activate

  • Location:
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Client:
    Ministry of Culture
  • Date:

TalentS was commissioned to provide all of the public programming for the Islamic Arts Biennale over the course of its 5 month duration.  

The Islamic Arts Biennale’s mission is to promote Islamic civilization from its earliest beginnings to the present day, with an emphasis on celebrating and enriching the cultural and artistic exchange between Saudi Arabia – as the custodian of the two Holy Mosques – and Muslim communities around the world. 

Our programming included 548 events which reached a total of 48,792 visitors. 

We are proud of the involvement of Saudi nationals at the Islamic Arts Biennale of 2023. 

325 talks, workshops, performances and activities we provided were led by Saudi’s. 

80% of the front-of-house teams, and artists were Saudi nationals, embodying the Biennale’s drive to celebrate Saudi culture.