We specialize in developing creative design solutions for interactive learning destinations, events and programs. We do this through a strong team of creative learning specialists, science communicators and audience experience designers. Our design team enables the creation of innovatively designed spaces and programs.

Content Development
Experiance Design
Workshop Design
Program Design
Exhibit Design
Fab Lab Design


We create a solid launch pad for projects by meeting with our clients to determine the project Key Performance Indicators, desired audience outcomes, how stakeholders will contribute to the project development, and reporting procedures to ensure a current and purposeful flow of communication.

Operation and Project Management
Team Recruitment & Training
Branding & Social Media Managment
Logistics & Venue Planning


National TalentS Company was created and shaped with a dream to implant passion for science, technology, math and engineering in our national young minds. Through experience design, operational planning, staff training, activity development and project management we enable CSR funds & visitors attractions clients in developing and delivering audience experiences designed to engage and inspire.

Permanent interactive visitors attractions with full spectrum of programs and gallery experiences.

Creative digital fabrication labs and makerspaces to inspire & enable innovation.

Touring interactive exhibits, shows and learning programs to inspire visitors across many locations.

Short duration and temporary exhibitions for maximum exposure in large crowds events and festivals.


October 18, 2015

Launching STEMania

STEMania: Is an initiative by Saudi Aramco (Women Development Department).It begins its first round on 26th October, 2015. By visiting six female schools, in Al-khobar, Eastern Province.

September 25, 2015

FabLab Dhahran in San Francisco

Ms. Maha Al Zayani (FabLab Dhahran female operations manager) was selected to participate in the 5th annual FabLearn 2015 Conference held at Stanford University.

Fablab, Projects
September 10, 2015

Bring the Energy Exhibit to Life

A component of the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, the Energy Exhibit is a modern and inspiring exhibit experience about petroleum and energy science targeting the 7-14 age groups with an emphasis on the 11-14 groups. TalentS|KCA was awarded the contract to bring the exhibit to life and operate it to spark the interest […]

February 19, 2015

iSpark Mobile

iSpark mobile is an inspirational experience that triggers a passion for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in the young hearts of Saudi male and female students in public schools.

iSpark, Projects
January 14, 2014

FABLAB is Coming to Dhahran – A First for the Eastern Province

DHAHRAN – Fab Lab, which is short for Fabrication Laboratory, was set up by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), with the simple idea to provide the environment, skills, advanced materials and technology where entrepreneurs, students, artists, small businesses can create something new or bespoke using the available equipment. Today there is a global network of over […]

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