Jamal AlDabal

Educational & Innovation Advisor

Educational Consultant Prior to his retirement from Saudi Aramco, Jamal was a senior consultant responsible for educational Partnerships. In 2007, he became the director of the Continuing Excellence function in the Company. Since 2003, he was a Senior Consultant in Saudi Aramco’s Corporate Planning Organization.

As the corporate business plan coordinator, he was involved with formulating the company strategy and is the coordinator of the Kingdom’s petroleum strategy. In 2002, Jamal led Saudi Aramco’s Information Protection model besides driving the company’s innovation and corporate values teams. Jamal has a degree in Computer Engineering from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MBA from University of Hull,UK and is currently pursuing his PhD in Human Resources Development in Texas A&M University.

He lectures at the University of Hull in the U.K. and has published several papers and spoken in different forums about IT, Energy, Education, Innovation, Strategy, Leadership and Education. Jamal is also a member of national organizations including the E‐Government committee, eBusiness National Education Committee, Eastern Province Education Council, National Innovation Ecosystem and the Knowledge Economy strategy.