Asir Exhibition

The exhibition of Namaa and Menaah occupies an area of 950 sm in the regional museum of Asir region; in the visiting Exhibition Hall and Geology Hall with its own reception area. TalentS’s tasks are summarized in the following:

1. Design of the internal exhibition, which will be built according to the approved scenario and the participation of a team in screenwriting and museum presentation workshops

2. Preparation of all materials for presentation and its methods (visual quality, design and printing the posters and figures are of an innovative and modern nature, in Arabic And English, and the illumination directed at the artifacts, the holders of antiques (Fterin), all exhibition materials) are implemented.

3. Implementation of the internal exhibition and application of the approved scenario and the installation of materials and publications and all elements of the project.

4. Implementation of the opening ceremony and supervision of maintenance for twelve months following the opening.

Client: Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage.
Project Date: 2019.