Saeed Saeed

Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of Board

Saeed is currently the Chairman at National Talents Company for Training & Education. Prior to founding Talents™, Saeed worked as quality facilitator and balanced Scorecard coordinator (SAP-SEM Consultant) in Saudi Aramco. Saeed has also been appointed as Electrical Repair Unit Foreman, responsible for the overhaul of the largest electrical rotating machinery equipment in Saudi Aramco. He also supervised a group of 36 electrical and mechanical technicians to provide a first class service that includes mechanical overhaul, electrical repairs, and stator rewinding of motors up to 21,000 HP.

In addition, Saeed facilitated a team to develop a web-based solution to track employees’ progress and areas of improvements. Saeed has an excellent record for starting up successful programs to inspire youth in Saudi Arabia in the fields of engineering education and creative thinking.

This remains a fundamental trait in his work and personality. During his Master Degree program, Saeed lead a team of various disciplined students: CS, EE, and ME to design a set of autonomous robots. The project was entered into the Robocup annual event organized by Sony and SGI at Melbourne, Australia and won the world championship (2000).

Saeed has a Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University, USA.

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